Not everything in your wardrobe can be worn to a friend’s or a relative’s wedding. There are certain protocols that need to be kept under consideration when you have to dress up for a wedding. A pair of jeans, anything that is tattered or even a very flashy attire is not the right protocol of wedding attire, unless the wedding theme calls for it.

Moreover, when you are dressing up for a wedding you should bear in mind that you should not upstage the couple. Not even the mother of the bride dresses or mother of the groom dresses should be such that they overshadow the bride herself. This means that you are not supposed to wear white and curb the desire of wearing attire that might look more formal than the couple itself. And not even just the wedding reception but “no white” formula applies to other wedding functions too. Another way to avoid clouding the couple is not to wear anything that may draw too much attention to yourself only like wearing too a short skirt or a sequined flashy tie.


One must be mindful of the time of the day that wedding reception is at, in order to not dominate the couple’s presence. It will highly be appropriate to wear a coat, tie and preferably light colored slacks and flowy floral dresses. While on the other hand id it’s an evening event, you can’t go wrong with a formal dark colored suit and an evening gown with moderate accessories. Never show up in your pjs or a weekend-at-home casuals, unless the invitation calls for it. Rather even the casuals should be your best casuals.


This goes without saying that you should be mindful of the season the wedding is going to be held in. Dressing patterns are greatly distinct and contrasting when it comes to keeping seasons in mind. If it’s a fall wedding, the temperature remains unpredictable fluctuating between cold to slightly warm, so dressing in layers or mute tones will be a huge plus to keep you cool or warm. Winter weddings are the most fun and experimenting events. You can layer up as much as you desire and be in style too. If its summer wedding you have a lot of choices at hand, wear flowy linen gowns or plain silk blouse paired with a floral tea length skirt.


That is something you must keep in mind. You definitely will not like to feel odd at a gathering where people have dressed up according to the religious boundaries. Just like it is appreciable to dress modestly if it’s taking place at a church- the less the skin shows the better, whether that is the arms, legs or cleavage.

Similarly if it is a Muslim wedding, you will be more felicitous if you would dress modestly. Even better if you opt to dress in their cultural dresses like a shalwar kamiz or a gharara.

And of course, if you are closer to the couple it is better to ask them about their attire suggestions.