Reuse Old Clothes

After using our new clothes for a while, many don’t like wearing them again. However, you can’t keep a pile of old clothes at home in a way that is useless. This will create many space issues as well. Instead, a better idea would be to reuse the old clothes in a way that it becomes productive for you as well. Many people simply throw away the old clothes without realizing the fact that they can do so much with these oldies. Find out some of the best hacks to reuse old clothes and be creative!

Tips to Reuse Old Clothes

Once you find out that a certain piece of clothing has become old and you can no longer wear it, you can reuse it in the following ways.

Convert Them Into Other Clothes

Most of the time, the clothes we find old aren’t worn out or damaged in any way. Instead, it is just our mindset as we feel that we have worn something too much or this particular clothing does not attract us anymore. However, you can simply convert the old clothes into other types of clothes and then reuse them. As a result, your old piece of clothing comes out with a new look. For example, you can convert your T-Shirt into a tank and then wear it on the beach. You can even have it worn for outdoor works such as maintenance etc. In a nutshell, the T-shirt, which you were wearing for moderate dressing can now be worn for casual dressing easily.

This can go for your jeans as well. If you feel like your jeans are worn out or they can no longer be worn outside, you can simply cut them out into shorts and wear them at home. As people dress very casually in their homes, there would be no problem in making shorts out of your jeans pants.

Jeans with a tank top can be a perfect piece of outfit you can easily wear at home. This is the simplest and easiest way to reuse different types of old clothes at home.

Make a Pillow Cover / Cushion Cover

One of the best ways to reuse old clothes is to convert them into pillow covers or cushion covers. Sometimes, people don’t want to throw away the clothes as they really have a good design. However, you may not be able to use them if they are worn or torn. For this reason, you can make a pillow cover or cushion cover out of them.

There are plenty of tutorials that you can follow to make a pillow cover or a cushion cover. All it takes is a few minutes of effort and some sewing as well. You can make the cushion covers or pillow covers in different sizes as you feel like. For example, the young ones’ clothes can be used for making a pillow cover for a young one and for older people, the bigger clothes would be more relevant and appropriate.

You can also make a smart pillowcase. How? It’s simple. Take a full-button shirt and cut out the sleeves and the collar part of it. Sew the top and the bottom. Now, there is only one way to add the cushion inside this cover which is with the help of buttons in the front. This looks quite good on modern furniture and shows away from the perception that the cushions are wearing shirts with buttons.

Put it Into a Frame

Sometimes, people have clothes but they don’t feel like throwing them away. A great way to deal with this problem is to cut the middle part of your shirt and get it into a frame. Most people would do that with a sports shirt that they no longer wear. You can simply cut the middle section of the shirt and add it into a frame. Make sure that you cover the entire text that appears on the shirt.

Many might argue that the shirt can be kept as it is. However, if you have plenty of shirts, you might have to struggle with many. This brings space issues as well. There are two possible solutions to this problem. You can either have 1 or 2 shirts kept from all of them or you can simply have more shirts kept by cutting them out and making their frames.

You can then hang these frames in your room, or keep them at your side table. Either way, you will be able to get rid of the old clothes in a way that you won’t lose them entirely, yet you will be having a better way to deal with them.

Utilize the Ribbons and Laces

Many dresses have different types of ribbons and laces on them. If your dress has gone old and you can’t wear it anymore, you should take off the ribbons and laces as these can be used in various ways easily. In simple words, you can use the ribbons and laces to make a hand band, a bracelet, a small necklace, and other such accessories as well. Those who are really interested in using their creative mindset and creating these small items would absolutely love the idea. You will need a few basic items such as glue, scissors, and other such items. Besides, you don’t require any experience in sewing to use ribbons and laces.

One of the simplest ways to do this is by cutting the ribbon to the size of your forearm. This would look good as an extra. The best part? You will be saving a good chunk of money that could have been spent on accessories.

Make Yourself a BedSheet or a Duvet

If you have plenty of old clothes which you need to reuse, you can simply make a bedsheet out of them or make a small sheet which you can take on yourself while sleeping. Simply, cut big squares from different shirts and then join them together by sewing them. In case you don’t have any idea about sewing, you can simply learn from different types of online tutorials or send these cutout pieces of your shirt to a tailor who can make a bedsheet for you.

We recommend making it yourself because you can customize the design and use the cut-out pieces at any place that you want to. Many people do that with their old shirts as this becomes a great way to keep your memorable items with you without piling up a lot of space. Keep in mind that all the pieces you cut from the shirt should be equal in terms of dimensions so that the final bedsheet or plain sheet gives away a symmetrical look.

Making Bags from Old Clothes

A recent trend noticed on the internet is that many women have turned their old clothes into bags. Not all fabrics can be used to make bags but there are a few which can be used to make bags that can carry all your stuff. You need to search for different video tutorials as they will help you have a better idea about making bags from old clothes. A shirt and tie is a great combination used for making bags because the shirt alone does not give it a fancy look while the tie gives the bag an extra impression as well.

Making Home Items from Clothes

Lastly, one of the best ways to reuse old clothes is to make different types of home items from these clothes. For example, you can make a tissue paper cover, a table cover, a floor mat, a cleaning cloth, and many other things as well. In the simplest ways, you can use art techniques to create decoration pieces from clothes easily. These home items don’t cost much when you purchase them from the market, however, a combined total of these items does add a significant sum of money to your monthly expense. Apart from that, it is a great way to reuse old clothes in a way that benefits you the most. To find out more about recycling used clothing into home decor, visit this website:

Keep in mind that to make different things, you need proper instructions and guidelines. Don’t just start making stuff from shirts that you love the most and want them to be perfect in their final form. Instead, start with an old worn-out cloth that isn’t of much use to you. Try to learn and practice on this cloth rather than directly going for a shirt you like. In this way, even if you make the initial mistakes, they will be on an old cloth and not the one you like the most. This is an important tip that you should keep in mind before reusing old clothes in any way. To find out more about the significance of recycling old clothing, visit this website:


In conclusion, we can say that old clothes can be reused in several ways. With the rise of the fashion industry there are so many options for clothing.  As one cannot always keep the old clothes with them because of size issues or space issues, reusing them in different ways is a great idea to have them with you and living in a much more economical manner. As long as you get creative with the clothes, you can make plenty of items and accessories with them including bags, new clothes, accessories, designs, patterns, frames, and many other things as well. For more information, visit this website: