White pearls are the popular choice among the people. Whereas black pearls are unique and most impressive one and real black pearl is found in Tahiti only and are known as Tahitian pearl. The others are dyed to obtain this color, whereas Tahitian has natural black color. This gemstone is rarest one and has surprising facts with it. If you are planning to buy Tahitian pearl (Black Pearl), then you must know some facts about it.

Over the time it has been assigned will various symbolism and meanings. Black pearls were worn by upper echelons of the society in the past and therefore named as Queen of Pearls. According to Chinese black pearls are formed in heads of dragons, and they also believed dragons were infinitely wise symbolizing black pearl as wisdom. Here is a few more symbolism of Black Pearls.

– Wealth and Prosperity

Black pearls symbolize wealth and prosperity. It may relate to the fact that this gemstone is incredibly rare in nature. Owning a black pearl can be luxurious and exciting. However, due to modern cultivation pearl color treatment black pearls are more affordable than before. People still do find an association with wealth and prosperity.

– Wisdom

Chinese consider black pearl as the symbol of wisdom. They believed dragons are infinitely wise and black pears are formed in the head of dragons. Black pearls, when gifted to someone, can be wishing them wisdom.

– Everlasting Love

The Polynesian god of fertility and peace gifted black pearl to his beloved. Therefore, it is associated with an everlasting love and even today is the symbol of love persists.

Some people do believe the black color is a symbol of sorrow, but still, many brides choose them as wedding rings as has found the positive results. Some people believe black pearl is a symbol of independence and strength. There are different meaning associated with this gemstone.

Black pearls look stylish and unique. They look fashionable with any outfits and wearing a black pearl can make you stand out. Not just fashion but they do have symbolism. Learn more about the pearl jewels before buying a black pearl.