Allow your customers to see your commercial or professional business ideas come to life through a 3D Popup Viewer. According to published reports, there are over two million messages about businesses on social media every day. Now, just imagine, if you will trying to steer current customers and potential consumers to your brand. Brands can get lost while waiting for your targeted audience to view photos and images about your products and services. Everyone remembers how much fun it was to see images on a reel through a Vie Master as a kid. Well, there are now exciting new ways for you to turn static photographs into super realistic looking images. In today’s market, leaving customers with an image presented in 3D is sure to make a lasting impression.

There are multiple outlets to combine business images with public viewing opportunities. Anytime you want other people to connect with your brand. For instance, at trade show booths, instead of simply giving out flyers and brochures, you can have them stop for a moment and look at a personalized brand presentation with 3D images. We can take your standard photographs (static photography) and turn them into three-dimensional images (dynamic). Dynamic imagery is perfect for any presentation where you want to capture the attention of the participating audience. Events include sports and memorabilia collector shows, corporate gatherings, showing wedding photos, birthday and greeting cards, and for business presentations.

The true 3D Popup Viewer makes good use of high-resolution technology. Your targeted audience will see true three-dimensional depth. The original View Master was first introduced to the public in 1939. Now here we are 80 years later with fantastic viewing options for sharing your brand in the ideal photographic marketing format. Your customers will see your business come to life with realistic looking details. All types of graphics illustrated art prints, and photographs can be converted into stunning 3D View Master presentations. The goal is to make your next print or direct mail campaign come alive with vivid recognizable brand imagery.

Guide to 3D Imagery

There is both the original style View Master and a Corporate version. The Retro Viewer allows you to upload any photographs as an online do-it-yourself project or you can request to have your photographs converted for customized or personalized viewing. One of the 3D specialists will aid you in creating a Virtual Reality (VR) photo presentation. You can have static image photography converted into 3D views. With moving imagery and in-depth details. Your audience will feel like they’re a part of a real-time experience.

The View Master is perfect for viewing a group of select photos for anniversaries, weddings and other formal events and for corporate gift giving.

Changing VR Presentations

For corporate events or presentations to a medical group, give customized VR presentations, which allow you to control the images converted for each reel. Medical group presentations can include a custom reel or 3D photography for your hospital or pharmaceutical products. Allow audiences to see how the device or products look and feel, up close. Potential customers can instantly see how your services will benefit them. Assure them that they’re making the best choice, by seeing the specifics of your brand with 3D imagery. If someone wants to put their mind at ease about your business’ brand, they can select a disc, put it into the View Master and see the unique features. There’s something for every brand, when it comes to sharing the story/history of your business on a reel, loaded with 3D photography.