Chrysanthemums (mums) are one of the most popular types of flowers and highly sought after around the world. They are a popular sight on porches, doorways and front steps of homes and for a good reason. These flowers are hardy and can be found in a myriad of colours to suit just about any occasion.

In this article, we go over the history and the hidden meanings behind the Chrysanthemum flower. Such information might give you a better appreciation of these flowers and the powerful symbolism of gifting them to loved ones.

Is it the right flowers for you?

Before you can decide whether Chrysanthemums are the perfect choice of flowers for any purpose or occasion you have in mind, it is well worth delving a fair bit into its’ history. The latter has strong roots with Eastern culture as they were originally cultivated in ancient China as far back as the early 15th century. Back then, Chrysanthemums were so profoundly revered by the Chinese that they named an entire city after it — the city of “Chu-Hsien”.

While Chrysanthemums are certainly one of the most beautiful flowers around, they were not cultivated merely for its’ appearance. Nearly every part of the flower had medicinal properties. For one thing, its’ leaves and flowers can be brewed to produce tea that helps detoxify the body.

Over time, the cultivation of Chrysanthemums reached Japan, where it became just as popular. Japanese emperors often embraced a single chrysanthemum as the empire’s crest and main seal. Even today, Japan upholds such traditions and also holds a festival in its’ honour called the “Double Ninth” festival.

In the 17th century, Chrysanthemums made its’ way into the western world where it became a staple for many celebrations. In Australia, for example, gifting Chrysanthemum Mothers’ Day Flowers are a tradition perhaps due to its’ late blooming season and vibrant colours. You also typically see the flowers being used as a corsage and serving as a decorative piece for decks and porches.

The symbolism behind Chrysanthemums

  • Chrysanthemums were coined after the Greek words “chrysos” indicating gold, and “anthemion” which means flower. The etymology rollovers from its Asian origin. The word for Chrysanthemum in both Chinese and Japanese means “golden flower.”
  • Chrysanthemum is sacred for the Chinese as it is one of the “Four Gentleman” — a group of flowers that symbolise the different seasons.
  • In Europe, Chrysanthemums are widely regarded as the flower for mourning as they are typically used in burials and gravesites.
  • In Australia, Chrysanthemums are touted as the official Mother’s Day flowers.

Are you convinced that the Chrysanthemum is the perfect flower for a particular occasion? If so, then you might be happy to know that getting them is easier than ever. You can arrange a flower delivery in Carlingford with reputable florists online that offer such flowers. Most people will agree that you can never go wrong with Chrysanthemums and more so if you keep its history and meaning in mind.