Pearl is not only an accessory gem, but it is also treasured by all astrologers. It helps to bring stability in our life and provide health benefits, like freedom from throat, stomach, digestion and eyes issues. If a person is healthy, then it brings positivity in life which further brings happiness and flourishes business for many.

Pearl is timeless gem that is treasured by everyone. It is the best gift that can be given to anyone. Especially, pearl ring can be created in different designs with different metals and patterns to make it look stunning and unique. There are various sorts of pearl rings like cocktail, solitaire or multiple coloured rings. Each one has its own uniqueness and can be worn depending upon the occasion.

  • Cocktail rings have large pearl stones in the centre that gives a glamorous look to the ring. If you want the pearl to catch everyone’s attention, then use a large pearl that is surrounded by tiny diamonds or just an expensive metal.
  • Solitaires are single pearl on expensive metals like gold, silver, platinum which might look simple but look stunningly beautiful and are quite famous these days. They are generally chosen for proposal or engagement purposes.
  • Multiple stones as the name suggests has various stones of same or different colours clustered together in different shapes. It isn’t necessary that all stone are pearls, but there can be mixture of sapphire, emeralds, diamonds etc.

All these kinds of rings have elegance and can be worn on different occasions. Pearl goes well with any attire, but you can’t expect to wear an elegant ring with a pair of torn jeans. Pearl rings indicate feminism therefore, while wearing it, you should be sure that your attire is also sophisticated and elegant. Even if you want to wear it on a casual occasion, then don’t try it with baggy clothes. That will make it look bizarre instead wear tailored and tight fitting jeans and top to blend with it.

Since pearl itself is a beauty, therefore try accompanying it with simple accessories like thin chain with tied hair. This makes the pearl prominent to others. Most importantly, pearl rings look stunning on manicured hands that are painted well.