Just like any other sector, the model aircraft industry is enjoying some tech input, making the hobby even more addictive, and with state-of-the-art motors and remote-control units, you can quickly master flying your model airplane. Check out the amazing model shops in Kent that stock the following:

  • Aircraft Kit Models
  • Motors
  • Remote Control Units
  • Adhesives
  • Features


These amazing flying machines can actually mimic the aerodynamics of real helicopters, and they come in all sizes, with basic models for beginners and very advanced machines for the experts. All you really need is a piece of open land and away you go, and unlike earlier versions, today’s models are virtually unbreakable

Jet Fighters

The very top end of the scale and jet engine propelled F-14 Tomcat type models, which can range up to 2 metres long, and if that sounds a bit daunting, it is something you can work your way towards. There are many online resources for those who love to fly model aircraft, and once you find a local shop, you can order what you need online.

Building the Aircraft

While you can buy model aircraft already constructed, a major part of the fun is building the machine, and many come in kit form and take a few hours to put together. Not to be confused with drones, model aircraft are replicas of real flying machines, and after a little practice, you can move onto more ambitious projects, all the while becoming a more competent flyer.

If you love flying and building things, model aircraft might be the ideal hobby, and there’s so much to be gained from learning to fly a machine that you built.