Whether you are a retailer looking for a new supplier of knitwear and knitted goods, or you are running your own small business, buying from local manufacturers is a really good idea. There are a great many overseas knitted products available, and many more types of yarn, but there are local manufacturers who can actually benefit your business.

The Benefits of Going Local

The good news is that it is possible to source entire garments from the best knitwear manufacturers in London, but why would you go local instead of buying from overseas suppliers? Consider the following benefits:

  • UK quality: Even though it is entirely possible to buy yarn from many overseas suppliers, there are many different types that can be locally sourced. This means that all of the money remains in the UK and helps to support local farmers and manufacturers. In the end, this kind of support produces a better and stronger local economy.
  • Convenience: Sourcing knitwear from a local manufacturer using local products means that the turnaround times are a lot shorter. This means that you don’t have to wait for new stock to arrive or for new garments to be made.
  • Communication: If you need a particular garment made in a certain way, how are you going to communicate your needs to an overseas supplier? A local manufacturer means that you can actually meet them face to face to discuss your needs.

Supporting Local Businesses

If you specialise in knitwear and knitted garments, there is every reason to source your products from a local manufacturer. It supports local business and means extra convenience.