You’d think that as time goes on and technology advances, burglaries would become less common. It’s getting easier to track intruders down, but that hasn’t stopped burglars. All that’s changing, is that they’re becoming smarter, using updated tricks to get into your home and a lot of the time, they take advantage of the vulnerabilities that you didn’t spot on your own home! To make sure you’re keeping your home as safe as possible, you need to think a few steps ahead of the burglars, use their own tricks, to pinpoint how to secure your home from them!

Common Ways Burglars Get Into Your Home

There are lots of ways you can secure your home, but if you don’t know about these 5 ways burglars enter your home, your house will still be at risk! These are 5 of the most common ways burglars get into your home!

  • They Use the Backyard: Your backyard may be your little sanctuary and you might think that no one can get back there without entering in from the main house, but that’s not the case. A burglar can easily use your neighbor’s yard to climb into yours and use any opened door or window to walk right in!An easy way to avoid this from happening is to make sure that you lock all the doors and windows all over the house, including the seemingly safe ones facing the backyard!
  • They Find the Vulnerabilities: If your home has hollow doors or regular glass windows, they’re both extremely easy to break. All the burglar has to do is throw something heavy at these and they will break, letting the burglar in!To make sure this doesn’t happen, replace hollow doors with solid wood or metal doors. As for the windows, all the glass windows that face the outside of the home should be replaced with plexiglass or tempered glass, to make sure they can’t be easily shattered.
  • They Snap Your Locks: Lock snapping wasn’t always malicious. Locksmiths used to use the technique to break the locks of people that would get locked out of their homes! This is when they take anything long like a screwdriver, wedge it between the lock and the door, and hit it with something heavy. The force travels through the screwdriver directly into the cylinder, snapping it in half immediately. This is also pretty silent, so you could even be at home when it happens!The only way to make sure your locks don’t snap is by replacing them with anti-snap locks. Have a professional Locksmith in Rochester area, or any recommended locksmith in your area, come and properly install these locks in your doors. This way, even if they try to break your lock and exert insane amounts of force, it’ll break in a way to leave the lock in place, making sure they can’t get in!
  • They Use Windows: Burglars don’t necessarily break windows to get in. This is because most of the time they don’t have to! A lot of people tend to leave a window cracked to let air in throughout the night. Burglars can use this and climb into your home without ever having to break in!In addition to making sure that the windows are strong, they should also be locked anytime you’re not near them to ensure no one climbs through!
  • They Go for Homes Without Cameras: These days almost everyone has a security system. Since burglars don’t want to be caught on camera, they’ll usually scout the area to find homes that don’t have cameras, this way they can be in and out without anyone knowing!Avoid this by investing in a security system. Even if you don’t end up going for a super expensive one, just get a camera installed in the front of your house, preferably somewhere visible so burglars know your home is protected, and one in the back. This way, even if someone makes it through, you’ll have it on tape.

Following these tips, you’ll be able to outsmart the burglar and the chances of them being able to break into your home will decrease tremendously!