Traditional wear for all the occasion

People love to dress-up for any day, whether it is for office, parties, or family functions. It has become inevitable to look good wherever we go. In the same way, it is important to follow the traditions and culture that were in use for several centuries. In the current times, it has become challenging to find the services that respect the old methods that were pursued by the ancestors. To provide better clarity, has come up with ideas that would make any special day a memorable one. They are an online store full of Korean fairy-tale dresses that makes any person feel proud.It involves Hanbok wedding attires that satisfy both the bride and the groom together. The store is motivated and aimed at creating a fashion style that illustrates grace, culture, and the beauty of the people. Also, it is equally crucial to protect the Korean treasure that will be in the memory of the people forever. They deal with both traditional and modern dresses that are made in hand and customized as per the requirement of the people. The consumers can browse the site and select the kind of dress they would like to purchase.

Kinds of dresses:

There are many types of Hanbok wedding dresses made available on the site. Mainly they are categorized into two; Women’s and Men’s Hanbok.

  • The women’s hanbok consists of a Chima (wrap-around skirt) and a Jeogori (top or blouse) that can be selected from the different options given. The variations are done in the blouse with different colored patches and multi-colored striped sleeves.
  • The men’s hanbok contains Baji (pants or trousers), Jeogori (basic upper garment), Baeja (traditional vest), Jokki (vest), and Durumagi (an overcoat). There is a detailed depiction of the styles of dresses for men.

What is the process?

There is no specific process to order the dresses. With the help of the online store, people can easily get to select the attire. Let us see how the store works for every order;

  • Once the people have ordered, within 24 to 48 hours, the artisans will start to work on the dress that is carefully hand-crafted by them with the required measurements of the family members.
  • It would take up to 2-3 weeks to complete the whole order in accordance with the customization that has been requested.
  • After this, the product will be inspected for perfection.
  • The delivery time is set for 14-21 business days directly to the customer after verification.
  • The order cannot be canceled once it is confirmed. Thus it becomes necessary for the people to select carefully.

Not only for weddings, but people can also purchase for any special day as per their wish. The store restores the culture that is borne with the people of the country by providing them with simple yet elegant dresses for all the festive occasions. With the easy order and shipping process, they can be trusted and can easily be the personal dressing store of every family.