New clothing patterns are apparent every year. However, the men’s vest is the only piece of attraction that has maintained its place for so long. Men’s vest is the lightest and most comfortable apparel to pick for instant cooling in summers.

As summer draws closer, in every closet, you will see these tops. It’s popular among both men and women. These stylish tops have enough to give your everyday appearance a signature look. You may wear them for yoga, in a gym, a beach walk or for an elegant casual appearance. Previously, only gym freaks used to wear it as sportswear. Today you see many trendy men’s vests that you can wear for the gym as well as casually.

There are many types of vests available for purchase. Thus, making it difficult to choose one that looks the best. So choosing the right one and that suits every kind of body, we have listed seven types of men’s vests that are never going out of style.

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6 Styles of Men’s Vest:

  1. Round neck: Having a good vest will boost your comfort immensely, and you will contribute moreĀ  to the training. The round neck is the most popular vest available in many colors and designs. The best thing is that they won’t stay on the neck and be comfortable to don.
  2. V neck: The V-neck style vest looks suitable for the gym because you can see the inner chest lining as you focus on the chest. Also, one reason to buy a V-neck vest is to upgrade your closet with excellent sportswear.
  3. Sleeveless: This is the one everyone loves to wear, as it makes you feel more relaxed and exposes you openly. If you’ve got your biceps up with a toned body, don’t miss out on the opportunity. Wear a sleeveless vest and showcase those muscles.
  4. Hooded vest: The hooded vest, whether in a jacket, shirt, or likewise, is the all-time favorite option for men. Nothing fascinates more than that when it comes to the vest. The hooded gym vest goes best for giving an aesthetic appeal because of its sleeveless and zip in the front section.
  5. Body fitted Vest: The body-fitted vest gives a decent look when exercising in the gym or running in the park. The person who has a beautiful and toned body can quickly increase his style game when wearing this.
  6. Printed Gym vest: Wear the vest with a fresh graphic style printed on to offer a funky feel. You will find some best designs of men’s vests at Bewakoof, which will appeal to your senses. The wide range of styles matches your fashion likeness and available for every person’s body type. For bragging your perfect physique, this stylish gym vest is the best.


While they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, it is not a crime to enhance one’s look. Now that you have learned about how to style the different men’s vest, it is time to invest in them and bring your dressing up in summer to the next level.