As Oscar de la Renta has said, “fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable and style is more about being yourself”. Fashion can include a wide array of things ranging from clothes, shoes, bags, accessories to anything and everything. However fashion is not just about designer wears or what models wear on the ramp, but fashion is something which is unique to each and everyone. A simple dress if worn with élan and confidence can create a fashion statement. However, the knowledge about certain fashion faux pas is very important while dealing with fashionable items because the right kind of fashion can either enhance your looks or it can tarnish your image. Many people make fashion blunders because they simply follow the style of others. It is very important to remember that style for one can be different for another. So learn about what you need rather than what the masses are following.

Fashion now-a- days is no longer confined to models or film stars, but the common masses too can get a hold of the leading trends and fashion updates. A number of online shopping sites offer its customers the latest fashion deals at an affordable range. From dresses to bags to funky accessories, all from the industries well known designers are available on online shopping sites. Customers nowadays do not need to run from shop to shop in order to get their favorite things. All they need to do is sit at home and do their shopping via the computer where they are swayed with the latest styles and the latest trends. With the click of a button the viewers can select their choice of items and within no time they get their deliveries on their doorstep.

However, fashion does not mean blindly following what others wear. Everyone’s fashion sense is different from others. Merely following trends does not make one fashionable. Fashion should not own one, but should make one decide who you are and what to wish to express through your dress. It should define the way you live. Fashion should enable you to decide what you want and be sure about yourself. It’s not just about beauty, but fashion is all about good attitude. Being fashionable means that you have to believe in yourself and have the courage to be strong.

Fashion magazines, online fashion websites or fashion blogs, Lingerie blogs or popular stores selling  Sexy lingerie  give us a window from where we can borrow ideas as to how to present ourselves to the world. We need fashion in our lives, not just to look like stars, but what we wear is how we present ourselves to the world. Fashion is like an instant language. As Edith Head had once quoted about fashion: “fashion is a language. Some know it, some learn it, and some never will — like an instinct”. Fashion and style go hand in hand. If a person dresses shabbily, people remember the dress,  or transparent lingerie for women but if a person dresses impeccably people remember the woman. However, it should be remembered that fashion alone doesn’t win a person’s heart. Labels or cost does not affect the heart of a man, but neatness and simplicity are enough to win his attention as well as affection. Thus, fashion is a great thing but one should know how to dress because it’s a way of expressing who you are.