Colors are one of the important considerations when buying any ornament. In case of pearl, they are more than just appearance. Different colors of pearls have different meanings. When selecting a pearl, you must note special meaning of every individual color of pearl and their association.

  • White color

White color of pearls symbolizes purity, dreamer, truth, innocence, fertility, faith, cleanliness, protection, honesty, peace and sincerity. is one of the most reliable online pearl dealers.

  • Gold color

Some of the qualities exhibited by gold color pearls are riches, prosperity, wealth, success, freedom, illumination, love, self-esteem, compassion, passion, courage, and wisdom.

  • Pink color

Pink color of pearl shows attributes like love, generosity, health, power, romance, passion, purity, kindness, energy, loyalty, compassion, protection, faith, and happiness.

  • Blue color

Blue color of pearl is meant for truth, trust, intuition, tranquility, responsibility, loyal, confident, calming, intuition, dependable, conservative, and courage.

  • Silver color

Silver pearl color denotes dignity, organized, self-control, wisdom, patience, calming, progress, focus, soothing, cool, insight, dependability and security.

  • Purple color

Pearls also come in purple color that implies wisdom, artistic, love, riches, creativity, royalty, leaders, vitality, complexity, pride, noble, motivation, mystery, and passion.

  • Red color

Red color of pearl symbolizes power, success, enthusiasm, energy, extrovert, excitement, vitality, love, passion, leadership, strength, determination, respect, stability and assertiveness.

  • Green color

Green is the color that denotes balance, money, nature, youth, justice, learning, good luck, life, generosity, growth, hope, renewal, harmony, beauty, satisfaction, respect, and peace.

  • Yellow color

Yellow color of pearl shows creative, happy, cheerful, wealth, optimistic, uplifting, friendship, clarity, intellectual, motivation, perception, blessing, learning, brightness and health.

  • Brown color

Brown pearls are also called as chocolate pearls. These pearls show masculine, practical, dependable, grounded, harmony, stability, comfort, protection, security, elegance, reliability and healing.

  • Orange color

Orange color of pearls symbolizes social, warmth, playful, emotional, success, courage, power, strength, happiness, endurance, authority, and stimulation.

  • Black color

Black is a very special color in pearls that signifies protection, balance, independence, mystery, control, rest, fascination, strength, prosperity, allure, and riches.


Besides the shape, luster, and size of the pearl, its color also has a significant impact on the decision-making process. With the description of the meaning of different colors, it will become easy for you to determine the right choice of pearl for your use.