The two most questions asked by almost everyone are “Is my handbags matching my dress?” and “Are these accessories the right choice to wear with this ensemble?” It’s a no brainer really, that to look good or to call yourself as an absolute stunner with a complete look you need to accessories well. Whether its ladies tops you are opting for or some cute summer dresses, but to look complete, it is absolutely essential for you to match your outfit with your bags and shoes. So, online shopping sites have been buzzing with activity with people trying to match their handbags with their summer dresses or vice versa. No, don’t be surprised here as I know a couple of people who buy their handbags or shoes first and then match their clothes accordingly.

The style mantra is that clothes and bags work together in creating that ‘it’ looks. What I am trying to say is that take a cue from  all the international celebrities around you, whether it is Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner, Angelina Jolie, Priyanka Chopra or any other celeb, they are all making headlines by their well-coordinated outfits and handbags. No matter, how expensive your dress is or well your makeup has been done, the finishing touches are added by a good handbag only. Like we keep a track on what’s latest in the fashion world in terms of fashionable summer dresses or ladies tops, it’s important that we follow the latest designs in handbags too, especially when buying through online shopping sites.

 However, the real test of styling comes when you have to make sure that you mix the bag of the right style with the right garment to make it look perfect.

So, to elevate your style quotient, and always look a million bucks while stepping out, choose your bag with due care to go with your outfit. Some tips for you to get it right.


As a great deal of effort goes into deciding the perfect attire for the office, shopping, home, casual, party, meeting and so on, some effort needs to be put in the handbags that you are going to carry to that particular place or for a particular occasion.

For office wear – Generally, every office maintains a formal decorum for its staff for a tidy look overall. When you office wear in terms of clothes is formal or non flashy, the handbags need to be formal too, meaning you go for a non-flashy leather bag that is not too small or too big. Playing with shiny materials may not be an option here, but you can definitely experiment with different hues here.

For routine wear or a casual day – women have all sorts of chores to do in a day, from picking up groceries, to going to the mall and running other errands and so they prefer wearing casual outfits for this purpose. A large tote that can hold all things together not only goes with all sorts of summer dresses or ladies tops, but is super trendy too.

Evening wear aka party time– Women tend to dress up in their LBD’s and all the shiny, glittery things that they can lay their hands on while thinking of going out for a party. When you decide to show off your sexy back or legs, or go out dancing, a sexy clutch is the way to go. These elegant and sleek will always may you rock the evening soirees.

So, I think all this information will help you somewhat get you closer to looking like a diva. Go on, buy something nice from the online shopping sites as it’s your turn now to let your outfit and bag make a style statement for you.