Do you love the coziness of a fire, but you don’t want to burn wood? If that’s the case for you, a fireplace insert is the best solution. It solves a big issue for people who want to be more eco-friendly and who are not comfortable with burning a real fire.

Take a look at the information below to get tips on what to do before choosing a fireplace insert.

What Is a Fireplace Insert?

Gas fireplace inserts are heating elements powered by gas that are meant to function inside an installed wood-burning fireplace. Like a wood-burning fireplace, they generate flames, but they are safer, more eco-friendly, and more heat-efficient than burning wood. Inserts can be powered by natural gas or propane and are connected to the current gas supply line of your house.

There are two kinds of gas fireplace inserts, which are direct-vent and ventless.

Direct-vent devices are less fuel-intensive and are more costly. But since the combustion gases are emitted outdoors into a vent pipe, they are safer to use than ventless systems.

Ventless systems are more energy-efficient and economical, but they pose a possible risk of indoor oxygen levels being exhausted. In certain cities and states, ventless systems are unlawful for this reason, except when fitted with oxygen depletion sensing devices that detect harmful reductions in the condition of indoor air.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Fireplace Insert

Fireplace inserts, which are equipped with glass fronts and used to increase the performance of fireplaces, are practically fireproof boxes that are enclosed by steel or cast iron walls. When picking the right insert for your fireplace, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

Fuel: Fireplace inserts are suitable for various applications that burn wood, pellets, coal, gas, propane. Fireplaces that work via electricity can also be used. Each type of fuel provides a different degree of efficiency: the wood-burning systems are the least effective, while the most efficient is gas-operated and electric fireplaces.

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Ease of use: With each style of insert, the amount of effort you need to invest into using your fireplace is different. . Electrical and gas-burning units are activated and stopped with the push of a button and do not need rigorous cleaning. You will need to purchase, stock, and prepare the fuel for the inserts that use wood, coal, or pellets. Plus, you will also need to periodically clean the insert to eliminate the ashes and other particles produced during the process of burning.

Temperature settings-Electric and gas inserts make for the most accurate heat settings, while temperature regulation for solid fuel-burning systems can be a little difficult.

Choosing a Fireplace Insert

Using a fireplace insert is a great option if you prefer to use gas to fuel your fireplace. While wood-burning fires tend to be nice and cozy, they’re not always the best for your home atmosphere. Therefore, an insert is the best alternative.

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