Party Gift

It’s given that the groom doesn’t expect you to bring any gift for the stag party, but coming prepared with a gift is a thoughtful thing to do for your friend. If you pick the right gift, it’ll add to the groom’s festivities, as most bachelors will surely give him gag gifts, naughty items, novelty, or perhaps something to be used daily.

The purpose of inviting you to the stag is to celebrate the soon-to-be-groom with his wedding, and a good way to celebrate it is by giving a tiny bit of fun at him. Bachelor party games are one of the exciting ways to ensure that everyone can partake to have fun.

Another good bachelor gift is novelty attire such as stag t shirts, hats, sunglasses, underpants for the whole group or the groom. If you like something different or serious vibe, you may give some personalized glasses or mug, flask, or a cigar case.

To give you a more accurate idea, below are the following gift ideas for the stag party:

  1. Gag Reel

You may create a funny video or slideshow about the groom’s craziest, most hilarious, and embarrassing moments. The goal is to entertain him and not to humiliate. So always be thoughtful and make sure not to include anything that would embarrass or shame the groom. You can create a video at home by using appropriate software. Or you can create a simple slideshow with the help slideshow maker you can find on the internet.

  1. Coupons or Discount Card to His Favorite Bar

You can purchase a gift or discount card to his favorite bar, so when the married couple gets into a fight, he has another place to escape.

  1. Marriage Survival Kit

This is a personalized gift for the groom to help him overcome the consequences of married life. It includes items like aspirin for his future headaches due to wife’s nagging, calendar for important dates such as anniversaries, and a tiny bottle of alcohol for a massive relief.

  1. Marriage Coupons

If you’re pretty creative, this type of gift idea is perfect for you. Create a coupon book for the groom to use for his bride to save him during a couple’s fights. It includes items like “I promise to do the laundry for the week,” or “I’ll give you a back massage every night for a week.”

  1. Shot Glass

Who wouldn’t love shot glass? Getting the groom a memorable shot glass for his stag party is a thoughtful gift.

  1. Bachelor T-Shirts

A personalized t-shirt or stag t shirts, hoodies, is a perfect gift idea for the groom. You could also buy a matching hat for the shirt.

  1. Keychain

A personalized keychain, especially for the groom, is an excellent commemorative gift. You can also include his name on the keychain and the date of the stag party for him to remember his last day of being a bachelor.

  1. Silly Underpants

Look for an unusual design of an underpants. It is recommended to give him a stupid or crazy design such as bear, neon-colored underpants, or something sexy such as laces.