Much like any other type of art or fashion, interior design goes through different phases. There are architecture and design movements that are defined by their regions as well as their interests. For example, baroque architecture and design was very popular in France, Italy, and other parts of Europe. It began to spread in popularity during the 17th and 18th centuries. Baroque design is characterised by motion and ornate detail; carved and embossed flowers, vines, and other natural elements, are a common theme. Therefore, when you are looking for different types of clocks and design elements, you might notice baroque elements. You will be able to match them to different types of design. However, baroque and other highly-detailed art is not popular at the moment. Currently, many people are turning to minimalist designs.

Minimalist Clocks

Minimalism is the movement in art and architecture towards simple shapes, uncluttered lines, and as little detail as possible while still being clear. For example, a minimalist Karlsson white clock might have an hour hand and a minute hand. It will likely not have a second hand; that is more of a luxury and not minimalist. The Karlsson Mr. White clock will have hands and numbers in a simple, clean font. The font will likely be a blocky type of sans serif font. The point of minimalism is simply to be utilitarian without being ornate.

The numbers on a Karlsson Mr. White wall clock will be white as well. They are the same colour as the clock’s face. They are generally considered fairly minimalist, however, there are some other clocks that are even more minimalist. These are often concrete or wooden clocks.

Concrete or Wooden Clocks

The most minimalist clocks tend to be made from concrete or wood. They are clocks with hour hands and minute hands but they generally do not have much of a face. Nor do they have numbers on their faces. Many of them do not even have lines marking hours or minutes. If you are trying to read one of these minimalist clocks, you must know what time it is by the position of the hands. These clocks are often made with different shapes as well. Since they do not have numbers or lines to show the time, there is no reason they should be round.

The different shapes make it much easier to match them to your minimalist interior design scheme. Some people choose to have lots of rounded edges and soft lines in their design. Those people will likely choose a round clock. Others choose to have a lot of straight lines and sharp angles. They might want a square or rectangular clock.


In addition to the different design elements of a clock, you will have options for colours. White is obviously a good choice for anyone who wants a clean and simple design scheme. White is uncluttered. However, you can also choose many different colours. Blues and greys are very popular. Earth tones are popular as well. These are all choices you will have from a great clock supplier.