Leading manufacturers, companies and brands around the world are using laminated paper bags for packaging food, things and other supplies. Laminated paper bags are becoming quite a trend in almost every field as they are not only attractive but also easily customize. Laminated paper bags are plastic coated on the surface. It is in high demand for the food and drinks packaging industry. In addition to this, there are highly durable and suitable for storage with long shelf life, ease of convenience and transportation. Adding logos, brand names and design printing appear better on the surface of laminated paper bags.

  • Resistant to water and Harsh climatic conditions:

They are the most traditional options not only for its practicality but also the functionality. Customers are more drawn towards customize laminated paper bags and its classic appearance. It is strong enough to hold and package different goods without giving way easily. It minimize the chances of product loss, deterioration and spillage. It is resistant to rain and snow and can withstand climatic conditions to a certain extent. It protects the contents inside and keeps it intact during Harsh weather conditions.

  • Strength and flexibility:

Laminated paper bags are also resistant to acid attack, chemicals, leakages and external factors. Polypropylene is the main ingredient in laminated paper bags and gives it the strength and flexibility that is required. These laminated paper bags are available in different designs, sizes and possesses muti-utility properties.

  • Does not compromise the quality of the contents:

One of the prime advantages of laminated paper bags is the fact that it is known for wide applications without compromising the quality of the materials inside the bag.

  • Easily customization:

Laminated paper bags can be customized to look attractive and eye-catching to every viewer. This attracts more customers to purchase the product in the laminated paper bag. It’s easily customisable properties as made it in high demand by big brands and companies when it comes to packaging and Advertising tactics. It opens up greater opportunities for a product in the market.

  • Environmental friendly:

Laminated paper bags are widely preferred all over the world as it is environmentally friendly and recyclable. The materials used in the manufacture of laminated paper bags are renewable and biodegradable. It blends in with the environment after disposal. It also effectively reduces the volume of solid waste disposal.

  • Resource-intensive:

Laminated paper bags are also believed to be resource-intensive when produced at manufacturing units.

  • Higher GWP:

According to a recent study and research conducted on paper bags, it was found to exhibit properties that prevent higher global warming potential.

  • More tear strength and resistance to abrasion:

Laminated paper bags possess higher tear strength. This prevents easy tears during transportation distribution and supply. It is also highly resistant to abrasion.

  • Wide range of applications:

Laminated paper bags are used in packaging milk and fruit juices, caffeinated drinks, hot and cold drinks, and on the surface of paper plates. It is also used in the manufacture of takeout containers, Frozen Food storage containers and waterproof sealant bags.