Amidst the situation of the pandemic, big fat weddings are a distant dream. But you can be assured that intimate weddings are the next big thing with the same amount of fun while you seek blessings from your 50 guests and virtual attendees. 

Many celebrities’ parties and marriages have had intimate events and was the talk of the town where they spent their special day with only their beloved people. And we couldn’t stop gushing about the idea of a small, intimate wedding. When they can do it, why not our desi brides? There are so many perks of having an intimate wedding. 

Here are all the reasons that will convince you why intimate weddings are worth it:

  • Only Your Loved Ones Will Grace The Wedding

Intimate weddings are all about you and your near and dear ones. With such weddings, you get the freedom to make your guest list according to your preferences and stay away from all obligatory invitations. Only people who matter to you and your beau will be present there to share and be a part of your special day. You will receive their precious blessings and that is all that will matter at the end of the day.

  • Gives A More Personal Touch

Intimate weddings are fun because you can oversee each detail on your own. It gives a personal touch to your wedding wherein you are aware of every step of planning and can make necessary changes as per your wish. from selecting the perfect ring for your wedding to making arrangements.  Plus you can pay attention to each of your guests individually which will make them feel even more special leaving them with that family feeling. Trust us, the guests will leave with fond, vivid memories that they will cherish forever.

  • You Can Redirect The Budget

With fewer numbers of guests, the overall budget of the evening comes down. This gives you a chance to redirect and use that budget on something else, something that you wanted. You can invest in a good photographer who will capture all the tears and laughter of the evening and help you preserve those beautiful memories. Or you can get the designer wedding outfit and titanium rings for wedding jewelry that you had always thought of getting married in. There are so many ways where you can use this saved budget to have your wedding dreams. Splurge wisely and you will always remember your wedding day with nothing but a smile on your face.

  • Focus On The Details

An intimate affair calls for lesser people which means lesser fuss. Instead of focusing on 500 guests and their needs, all you need to worry about are those 50 near and dear ones. This gives you time and energy to focus on other things that matter more. Ensure that the flow of the engagement or wedding, the food menu, bar, music, etc. is all set. Make sure that the service is nothing less than top class. Since it’s a small wedding, everyone will expect good service. These things require your undivided attention and with a small guest list, it will be possible.