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Being a travelling business person is a double edged sword. On one side, you often get to see places you wouldn’t normally see, but you often work stressful schedules and/or irregular hours and dates. Here are a few tips we’ve come up with over the years to help make business travel a little easier and leisurely.

  • Have a Bag Packed and Ready to Go
    • Go to your local department store or retailer and look for a small travel bag as well as a suit bag. Have plenty of business cards and other promotional tools on hand at all times, and keep a couple in each of your suits. If you need to spice up your professional wardrobe, try getting a few things you like at Bloomingdale’s, and keep them packed at all times. When you return home, get everything dry cleaned and pack your bag again. This way you will always be ready to go on the drop of a dime.
      • Buy travel toiletries
        • Don’t forget about the travel restrictions, and consider buying a travel bath bag with TSA approved sizes of all your toiletry products that you can always leave packed. If you travel only with carry on, leave the bag near the top so you can easily access it at security if you need.
  • Book in Advance and Bundle to Save Money
    • If you know where you are going and it isn’t a last minute rush out the door, book everything in advance. As soon as you know your dates, you can check all the popular discount travel websites for the best fares. You can also sign up for alerts from many of the sites if you want to keep an eye on prices before buying; this will save you a lot of time!
  • Bundle Your Car, Hotel, and Flight
    • Depending which service you use to make your reservations, try to bundle all of your rental car, hotel, and flight together. This will definitely help save money in the long run and simplify everything for you upon arrival.
    • If you plan to stay for longer than a few days, always look for or ask about long stay discounts. Many hotels offer a weekly rate when you stay longer than 5 nights.
  • Look for Rewards Programs
    • Since you are going to be traveling a lot, try to find a hotel you like and sign up for their frequent customers rewards programs. These will usually be rewarded back to you in the form of a free night here and there. You can use this to save money or treat yourself when not on business. Also, you’ll usually get other perks like higher priority for upgrades, and sometimes free services like laundry. It’s always worth looking into.
  • Keep Detailed Records of Expenses
    • Because you are traveling on business, most things, if not everything should be covered by company expenses. Always make sure to save your receipts and try to keep them in chronological order. This will prevent you from spending out of pocket and make getting reimbursed for anything much easier.