Purchasing Jewelery

There is a story behind each engagement ring and an image that is repeated daily in the world’s jewelry stores. It is the moment of nerves and enthusiasm that precedes the election of the alliance; that little big gem that symbolizes much more than a feeling. Therefore, choosing well in front of so many possibilities is sometimes a challenge for those who come looking for “the ring”. Engagement ring

What attitude does someone who enters your jewelry store looking for that special ring?

Normally, when a person enters one of our boutiques it is already clear that they trust the brand and that they want a Midwest Jewel for that special moment. There is always some indecision and emotion, so it is essential to create an atmosphere of trust and complicity to relax and be comfortable.

Do they go with clear ideas or doubt and let themselves be advised?

It depends on each person. There are some who know what the jewel she wants; those who have researched and have a rough idea of ​​what they would like to buy. Others, however, come for the advice of our advisors to guide them within all possible options. On the other hand, there are those who are looking for a unique jewel and demand our custom jewelry service.

How do you think the perfect alliance should be?

There is the perfect ring for every woman. In each case the quality is above everything else. From there, we ask how the person who will receive the ring is: their tastes, their style … We must know what the right questions are, and with this, our experts are able to find the perfect jewel for each person.

Is it better to go alone or accompanied?

More and more are coming alone to choose the engagement ring. In addition, many have been looking at our website and seeing different styles, so they already have an idea of ​​what they would like.

Are diamonds still the most demanded?

Generally yes. In engagement, white gold and diamonds are usually the most desired. The diamond is still the most special stone they seek to give away to capture that unique moment. The diamond represents eternity. Although we cannot forget the colored stones, which have gained much prominence, such as blue sapphire. These stones are selected and purchased by the Suarez family in the country of origin, discarding more than 99.5% of the valued stones.

What factors must be taken into account when choosing ‘the ring’?

The fundamental factor is the quality of the diamond. When someone has chosen us it is because they are confident that our diamonds are of an unbeatable quality. As we said, all our diamonds are selected by us discarding more than 99% of the stones that are valued. In addition, all our diamonds from 0.20 carats are certified by the IGI (International Gemological Institute ) or the GIA ( Gemological Institute of America ). This gives a lot of confidence because you are taking a unique diamond accompanied by a certificate attesting to the quality and characteristics of that gem.

Is there a ‘wild card’ model that never fails?

In our case there are models that have become icons over the years .Solitaires , the white gold alliance with diamonds  or some models of the Ice Flowers engagement collection are the example. All our models are evolving year by year and are always constantly changing: every year all models are reviewed to adapt them to new trends and make them more ergonomic.

Which is more important: the cut, the size of the stone…?

The fundamental thing is the quality, which is defined by the cut, color and purity of diamonds. We only work with the best cut diamonds: those classified as Excellent and Very Good ; with the best colors, from D to H; and with a very high purity that varies from IF (without inclusions) to SI1 (small imperceptible inclusions). The size and size depend on the tastes of each woman.

Engagement ring

Do you ask alliances inspired by celebrities like Meghan Markle or the Duchess of Cambridge?

It is normal for certain characters that attract attention to generate trend and interest in iconic designs. In Suarez we offer a personalized service to find that unique and special jewel.

Do you recommend the option to customize the jewelry? (creating an exclusive piece, recording names, dates …)

Always. We have a bespoke jewelry service in which each woman can make her unique jewel a reality. When the client meets with the creative team, the first thing is to know their tastes and their personality (in the case of brides it is very important to know the dress, her hairstyle …). After a few weeks of work and several meetings, we get that woman to take a jewel designed for her. For us it is something magical, because we make a woman’s dream come true and we make her feel even more special. for example, knew that she wanted a piece from our Ice Flowers collection, but his neck asked that the earrings be longer, so we created a unique design, giving more length to the diamond fringes. We are creating jewelry tailored to dreams.

Are these alliances to take them daily or on special occasions?

Increasingly we realize that the current pace of life makes women demand jewelry that they can wear in their day to day. Therefore, we are working a lot on the concept of jewel as an amulet that fits the tastes and style of this new woman.

Many are worried about the price, that the investment is not ‘enough’. From what prices can we talk about a quality ring?

Always based on the premise of quality, we have jewelry for all women, always prioritizing the quality of the raw material and the artisanal manufacturing process. From 495 euros you can find some of our iconic solitaires made in white gold and diamond.