In recent years, Moissanite has seen a great increase in its demand and a lot of people love to use it as their wedding or engagement ring. Discovered in the year of 1893 due to a meteor strike in Arizona Desert, Dr. Henry Moissan was the one who discovered this precious gemstone. Since it is made of silicon carbide, its initial name was Silicon Carbide only which was not at all cool. Later on, Mr. George Kunz had named it after Dr. Moissan in order to honor him.

Key Properties of Moissanite:

Moissanite is made of silicon carbide and based on the Mohs scale of hardness, it scores somewhere between 9.20 to 9.25 and on the other hand, the score of ruby and sapphire is around 9 on the same scale. Therefore, Moissanite is the closest one to diamond whose score is 10 and as a result, you may rest assured that the Moissanite, apart from being Cheap Engagement Rings because of its reasonable prices, at the same time, is also highly durable and are scratch-resistant too. As a result, you may remain calm and tension free and use your Moissanite Ring as everyday wear. The customers who have bought it have also concluded that it remains absolutely the same even after 30 years of purchasing the same. Apart from retaining its looks, it also retains its sparkle and clarity. Also, even if it becomes dirty, its sparkle remains intact like before.

Price Range of Moissanite Rings:

Apart from possessing similar features of diamonds, Moissanite Rings also has a very attractive look and it is a unique gemstone in its way. Also, the prices of Moissanite Rings are much reasonable and are also found to be a fraction of diamonds. For instance, the price of a Moissanite Rings ranges between 600 to 900 dollars and on the other hand, the price of diamonds starts from around 4000 dollars. But it should also be remembered that Moissanite is measured in Millimeters and on the other hand, diamond is measured in carats since its weight is taken into consideration. For instance, a Moissanite Ring of 6.5 mm would be similar to that of 1 Carat Diamond.

Moissanite as Engagement or wedding Rings:

Over the last few years, Moissanite has become very famous after a lot of people started using it as a wedding or engagement rings. Although there are multiple points to support this fact, but one of the most important points is that its elegant looks, high durability, and scratch resistance as well. Apart from being the closest to diamonds in terms of clarity and hardness, it is easily available in the markets at a very reasonable price. On the other hand, the price of diamonds is increasing day by day and there is no surety on how long it would last despite investing so much money after the high-quality diamonds. If you are of the same perception of having a large size engagement ring with good clarity, Moissanite would always be the best option for you.

Effective Ways of choosing the right Moissanite Rings:

  1. Since buying an engagement ring is still considered to be one of the toughest jobs, it is always advisable to your close friend or a relative who has a proper knowledge of your taste and preferences to help you in selecting the right Moissanite Ring for you.
  2. It is always advisable for you to compare the Moissanite Rings with a G color diamond. It would not only help you in differentiating between the two, but also make you understand that a Moissanite possesses how much natural, beautiful, and brilliant look. Also, the colorless Moissanites are the costliest amongst them, but it looks out of the world!
  3. To get a better understanding of its beauty and attractiveness, you should always have a look at the Moissanite Rings both under indoor and outdoor lighting as well.
  4. Lastly, it is always preferable to buy a round cut Moissanite as because of its brilliance and beauty. It is also said that the round cut ones are the most beautiful. Secondly, the emerald cut ones are also good enough with a unique as well as beautiful look.

Choices of White Colors concerning Moissanite Rings:

Although when Moissanite was discovered, it used to come with only a tinge of green color. But nowadays, with the much appreciable technological advancements Moissanites are found in multiple colors as per the mentioned choices:

  • Choice No. 1-Forever Classic: As per the research of GIA, its color ranges in between J & K. Therefore, in other words, it has yellowish, greenish as well as grayish tinge.
  • Choice No. 2- Forever Brilliant: As per the research of GIA, under this choice of Moissanite, their colors are G, H & I. Also, this choice is very famous for its vintage looks.
  • Choice No. 3- Forever One: As per the research of GIA, since its colors are D, E & F, they are the highest colorless grades amongst the three choices. As a result, it is the most attractive as well as considered to be the premium Moissanite. Also, because of its various optical properties, its sparkle is not only amazing, but also comes with an icy brightness. In case you are having a soft corner for a simple design, this choice would be ideal for you.

Meaning of Colored Moissanite:

Although Moissanite is easily available at the markets throughout the world in multiple varieties as well as colors, there is one such variety that offers colored sparkles and popularly known as the Teale Moissanite. The most vital thing about the Teale Moissanite is that apart from its brilliant colors, it has the potential of offering the best sparkle as well and that too better than the various colored stones. Secondly, Moissanite also can refract lights much better if compared to the other colored gemstones.

Therefore, each of the gemstones based on the above choices are unique and equally beautiful in its ways. Based on its good properties and high durability, you may buy it for your engagement or wedding purpose without even having a second thought.