There is something so personal about watches. Be it the one that has been handed down generations or the first one that you bought for yourself each one is special. It is also undeniable that every single watch that you see in a store holds several emotions of its makers. That is why it seems like every watch is like a living being with some character. So, every time you choose to pick up a watch for yourself, remember that it is not just an accessory that tells time; it is rather a reflection of your taste, your personality and the woman that you are.

Hugo Boss Ladies Classic

Hugo Boss 3

Price: Rs.13,345

Love a large dial? Then, the Hugo Boss Ladies Classic is the watch for you. It is unlike any conventional women’s watch and comes with a large round dial measuring 40mm. The design of this watch is the pefect combination of grace and power, two adjectives that aptly define the modern woman. The dark grey leather straps and the dark grey dial are minimalism at its best. To give it a delicate edge that women love the indexes are replaced by precious stones. Even with its extremely simple exterior, you can be sure that this watch makes a bold statement.

Raymond Weil Shine

Raymond Weil Shine

Price: Rs.1,16,135

The Shine Ladies Quartz collection by Raymond Weil celebrates the lady in you. Everything about this watch is graceful and elegant. The round dial is not flashy in the slightest bit even with its complete stainless steel case and silver dial. The smoothness of the metal gives you just the right amount of sheen. The only pop of color on this single toned design is from the blue color of the hands. This is the only detail that you need to bring the entire design together in perfect harmony. The bracelet is made from metal links and is very fluid and delicate.

Balmain B-Crazy

Balmain B Crazy

Price: Rs.29,300

The single metal link bracelet is the signature of the B-Crazy collection by Balmain. Made from yellow gold, this bracelet almost seems to twist and turn, to form the metal case of the watch. The small white dial is fitted into the case like a stone on any piece of jewelry. The pristine white dial breaks the single tone of the yellow gold metal perfectly. In keeping with the delicate design of the bracelet and the case, the dial features a motif in the center, which is bordered by the indexes, made from yellow gold as well.

Calvin Klein Whirl

Calvin Klein Whirl

Price: Rs.25,200

The design of this watch is just the perfect example of innovation in modern watchmaking. The entire case is made of stainless steel, which is available in shades of rose gold, yellow gold and silver. With this piece the pristine white dial lends to the subtly of the rose gold exterior. The tapering design of the bracelet, which reduces in width as it moves away from the dial, gives it a smooth appeal. The unique design of the links on the bracelet make for the perfectly flexible watch that fits on your wrist like second skin. The dial is extremely simple witch no indexes or disturbances. All it encloses are the hands of the watch and the logo of the watchmaker.

Favre Leuba Raider

Favre Leuba Raider

Price: Rs.1,38,000

The rectangular bezels with softened edges give this watch a unique shape. This is a solid looking watch with a thick case that encloses a beautiful,deep, sea blue, dial. The entire body of the watch is made from smooth finish, pristine stainless steel. The link design on the bracelet is flexible and comfortable on the wrist. This watch is all about luxury. This is evident not only in the luminous dial of the watch but also the details that complete the design. The bezels are bejeweled with precious stones that line the dark blue dial perfectly. To add more depth to the designthe indexes are replaced by eye-catching stones embedded into the dial for added charm. It is complete with a date display and the logo of the Swiss watchmaker placed tastefully.

Swatch Irony

Price: Rs.7,700

Elegant and casual, that is the promise of every piece in the Swatch Irony Collection. The full metal body with the small dial resembles any bracelet in your jewelry collection. Although it is extremely simple in its design, this watch is rather compelling in its appeal. The stainless steel metal link bracelet intertwined with rose gold metal gives it a unique and contemporary look. The simple silver dial comes with contrasting hands that are rose gold. To tie the silver rose gold combination together perfectly, the watch also comes with rose gold, metallic indexes. The thick bezel gives the whole design a very solid and sturdy finish.