While getting ready for your office, some occasion or even casually to go to the market or meet some friend, you certainly need to pay attention to your clothing as well as footwear. Without wearing proper footwear, your overall get up remains incomplete. In this respect, shoes are liked by most people as these are comfortable and can be worn on various types of occasions with different types of dresses and attires to attain just the perfect look. The leather shoes have always been the preferred and popular choice for most people. Handmade shoes are customized as per the users’ need and hence fit well on the wearers’ feet. Also, it allows you to attain the desired look. In the current content, you will find a complete guide to styling as far as handmade shoes manufactured from leather are concerned.

Decide between standard or dashing colours

As far as handmade leather shoes are concerned, vast ranges of colours and shades are available there in the market. In accordance with the unique occasion, purpose and also your overall personality, you may decide between the standard colours or the dashing colours. For casual occasions, standard colours like brown and black are just the perfect choice. However, you may choose some dashing colours like golden, cherry colour, red or others as per the occasion and your dress. 

Opt-out of laced or buckled shoes

Again leather shoes are available in laced or buckled form. You may opt out of any of the two options as per the convenience of wearing the same. Open laced shoes or those with fixed laces may be opted for in accordance with your choice. Likewise, some shoes have fixed buckles while some others have buckles that need to be fixed every time you wear the same. 

Shape matters a lot 

The shape of the handmade shoes is again a great factor worth consideration. There are so many different shapes available. You must choose one that best appeals to you. At the same time, it must go well with your overall personality and make you look nice. 

Pay attention to the heels

In accordance with your height and overall physical makeup, you must choose apt heels for the leather shoes. The heels must be such that you may comfortably move while wearing the shoes. 

Designs must be given due consideration 

Leather shoes are designed differently by using various colour combinations or using different shades of the same colour. Likewise, some shoes have designs created with stitching while some others have designs that are modified from the leather itself. It is all a matter of personal choice.

By opting for all such styling tips for the leather shoes, you may look impressive and hence steal attention from all around you.