Creating a bag for life is something that not only benefits your business but also the environment. With several materials such as printed cotton bags or a combination of woven plastic, you can be sure to have a bag for life, that you and your customers can be proud of. In this article, we are going to look at 6 ways that printed bags are helping to reduce our dependency on plastic.

Encourage Re-use

One of the main ways that printed bags are helping to decrease the dependence on plastic is through encouraging those that have one to re-use. If a bag has an interesting printed pattern as well as a strong material with handles you can encourage those that have one to reuse it several times.

Stronger Material

Whether you are using a combination of woven fabrics, or you are using fabric, these can all contribute to the success of the bag and whether your customers will use the bag multiple times in a row. If the bag is of high quality and is practical, it will likely be used daily by people that are shopping or travelling to and from work to hold their belongings or even pack their lunch.

Can Be Bought In Bulk And Stored

It is important to note that these can be bought in bulk and stored depending on the business that you are in. These can be designed and ordered and stored for either a seasonal event or general use helping to save the environment. It will save the environment, not only through the reduction in the number of deliveries but also the number of elements such as this.

Can Be Altered To Size And Shape

Another way that this can help to reduce the dependency on plastic is through altering the size and shape to cater to the buying habits of your business. By making it much larger and adding elements such as pockets, you can then cater to your customers and make a bag that they will want to re-use.

Can Be Made From Numerous Materials

Though there is the option to print on a paper bag, the use of a bag for life or a fabric tote bag may be better suited to the customers that you are serving. If you are selling products that weight a large amount, it is important to ensure that your bag for life is as strong as possible as this will be able to withstand the weight that you put into it. Thus, removing the need for plastic whilst creating a bag that is sustainable.

Can Be Repaired Or Replaced

The final way that you are reducing the dependency on plastic is through a replacement or repair scheme. This is key to the fight against plastic as this will help to encourage regular customers to use their bag for life and replace it when it is has been broken, the broken bags can then be broken down and reused, making this a much more sustainable process.

Regardless of whether you are printing a seasonal bag for your business or a bag for life that you will encourage your customers to use, it is important to look into the design as well as the material and overall practicality as this will help to boost the use of this style of bag and reduce our dependency on plastic.