Gift-giving is one of the best and most popular ways to show how much you care and appreciate a person. Whether it’s for an anniversary, a birthday, or the holidays, shopping for gifts means you want the people you love to know how you feel.

Since deep feelings are attached to the presents you give, choosing the best item to wrap can take a lot of effort and time. The process becomes even longer if you have no idea what to buy.

Keep in mind that, when shopping for gifts online, you have to think about the recipient’s interests and passion. You should also consider what’s appropriate for the specific occasion you’re celebrating and why you’re giving gifts in the first place.

To help you make the best choice, here are five tips you can try when shopping for the best present online:

1.   Think About the Recipient’s Preferences

In order to make sure that the person appreciates your gift, you have to get to know him first. Understand his likes and dislikes, and find out what he is passionate about. Knowing what makes the person happy will help you tailor a store-bought gift into something that the recipient will truly adore.

For instance, you can give a friend who loves steak a cookbook of new recipes for him to try. Cookware and gift vouchers for his favorite steakhouse could also work.

If you have no idea what he likes, you can start your research by listing down all the things you know the person is interested in. This list must contain as many items as possible, so you have to spend a minimum of two minutes in writing it down.

From there, think about things that can go with items on your list. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small.

Of course, you won’t have to give all those gifts you wrote down. You only need to get an idea of what you can wrap that will make your recipient smile when he opens it.

2.   Consider His Needs

Another important thing you must remember when giving gifts is the recipients’ needs. It may seem like some people already have everything, but the truth is, they do need something.

What you need to do is think outside the box. Keep your ideas broad.

For example, successful businessmen might have a lot of things, but they are surely short on time. To help him get more of it, you can choose a gift that can help him manage his time better and become more efficient. In this case, you can try buying computer accessories online, especially items that make a difference in a person’s productivity.

3.   Check the Recipient’s Social Media

If you’re still short on ideas, you can always turn to the best tool ever invented – the Internet. Use his social media posts and past searches to determine what he likes and is passionate about. Aside from that, you can also try a more straightforward type of “stalking” by checking his wish list on e-commerce websites and platforms.

You’d be surprised how much information you can get on people’s preferences just by looking closely at their Internet usage.

For example, expecting moms tend to browse a lot of baby stuff online, only to leave them in their virtual carts untouched. Since most moms only buy the essentials for their baby, why not shop online for baby toys for their yet-to-be-born angel? Believe it or not, a gift to their child is what many mommies appreciate most.

4.   Keep it a Surprise

If there’s one thing better than receiving a gift, it’s not knowing that you’ll get one until it’s already there. To ensure that your recipient gets the most out of the gesture, keep it a surprise.

Not just the gift itself – the wrapper will help you see to that. You have to make sure that he doesn’t expect to receive anything from you until it’s already in his hands.

For expected occasions, this can be a bit more challenging. To still add that surprise factor, give him the gift one day prior to the occasion itself. This will let him know that you anticipate the special event and that you’re proactive in trying to surprise him.

5.   Don’t Forget Quality

Gift-giving is primarily about showing how much you care, which means the item you give as a present reflects the level of thought you put into it. So, aside from being personalized, you must also make sure that your gift is of high quality.

Don’t be confused, though. Being of good quality is not the same as being functional. Functionality means that the item can be used, but quality determines the period for how long the recipient can use it.

In short, you should give him something that will last.

The Takeaway

Online shopping has paved the way for easier and quicker gift-giving. With this article as a guide, pick the perfect gift for your loved ones for any occasion and make sure that every penny you spend brings out that priceless smile on their faces.


George Azar is Co-Founder and CEO of He has extensive work experience with blue chip multinational organizations on both regional and global levels. George is also the founder of companies in the fields of advertising and media buying, professional trainings and development.