Are you looking for a way to establish a different vibe in your bathroom? Do you want to make all of its different features mesh together perfectly? If so, then you need to consider purchasing a custom photo shower curtain to add to it.

Doing so can help set the stage for your entire washroom. Rather than having a bland shower curtain with no taste, you’ll have a curtain that no one else in the world has.

See below for several ideas that you can use to find the perfect picture or design to use on your custom photo shower curtain.

  1. City Backdrop

Are you immensely proud of the city that you reside in? Do you want to bring a small piece of home to the new city that you now live in? If so, then you will love using a city backdrop on your shower curtain.

Doing so can help you set the stage for your entire bathroom. You can create a black and white image of the city, which will go perfectly with a bathroom that’s filled with neutral colors. The curtain will be the centerpiece of your entire washroom.

The coolest part is how much sentimental value it will add to space. Every morning before you hop in the shower, you’ll be reminded of where you come from. It will show you how far you’ve come.

Maybe you’re living the downtown apartment life. If so, then this shower curtain will fit right in with your high life vibe.

Better yet, you can add even more meaning to the shower curtain by using a photo that you’ve taken. Go to your favorite spot in the city, and go at night if you’re looking for a breathtaking picture. After you’ve captured the photo, use VisionBedding to upload the picture and put it on your preferred bath decor. Furthermore, you can visit this website  to get detailed information about bath decor and interior design.

  1. Famous Paintings

Perhaps you’re the artistic type and want your bathroom to reflect it. Maybe you want your shower curtain to be opposite of the rest of your bathroom. If so, then consider placing your favorite painting on your shower curtain.

You could go with timeless classics such as “The Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh, which is a painting that shows off the view of a town just before the sun rises.

Maybe you want something a bit more minimal and colorful. If so, then you could use “Composition with Red Blue and Yellow” by Piet Mondrian for a shower curtain that exudes many colors, but few enough that it isn’t gaudy-looking.

You can also use a painting of your own. Maybe you want to design a digital painting that you can upload and place on the shower curtains. The options are virtually endless.

Believe it or not, this can be a tremendous conversation starter. Any friend or family member that uses your bathroom will admire the design, then come out and start asking you multiple questions about it.

Find a Painting contractor whatever paintings inspire you and use them as the focal point in your washroom. You’ll love the results!

  1. Holiday-Themed Curtains

If you’re the type that’s in tune with every single holiday as it happens, then you should heavily consider using a custom photo shower curtain to embrace your holiday spirit.

This gives you one more way to get excited for the upcoming holiday. Have an Uncle Sam shower curtain made for July 4th. Create a curtain with pumpkins and cute ghosts for Halloween. Have one with Santa and his reindeer prepared for Christmas.

It can go great with other holiday bathroom accessories, getting you excited every time you take a morning shower or get ready for bed at night.

The custom curtains themselves are cost-efficient, so you won’t be breaking the bank if you were to stock up. Select your favorite holidays and then decide what design will work best for that holiday’s shower curtain.

  1. Pure Awesomeness

If someone asked you what would make for the “most awesome picture ever”, what would you include? We’ve all seen the pictures of the bear surfing on a shark while shooting an automatic rifle. Use that as inspiration.

Maybe your “awesome photo” contains a picture of you riding a unicorn into the great beyond. Perhaps it’s of you and your furry friend taking on the world.

Whatever the case might be, it makes a great statement on your shower curtain. All who see it will get a huge laugh at it. More importantly, it will make you feel like you can take on the world when you hop in for your morning shower each day.

  1. One Phrase Design

Maybe you’re the simplistic type. You prefer to use minimalist designs in your house so that you don’t get overwhelmed or overstimulated by your decorations.

If so, then you should consider creating a custom photo shower curtain with one word or phrase placed at the center. For example, if you have a bathroom filled with neutral colors, design a black shower curtain with the phrase “you’re awesome” in white.

You can also embed one word or phrase on top of a calm backdrop, such as the deep blue water of the ocean. Whatever floats your boat (pun intended).

Find the Perfect Custom Photo Shower Curtain for Your Needs

Now that you have seen all of these different ideas for creating your optimal custom photo shower curtain, be sure to consider them in your designs.

What’s most important is staying true to yourself. Consider the aesthetic, but it’s most important to find something that you’ll enjoy looking at with every trip to the bathroom. Use that as your inspiration for the design.

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